Introducing the Jokerz by Manuel Escarpa

In October of 2013, after noticing that most of the jokes websites on the Internet looks as if they are using technology from the late 90’s, a couple guys from the comedy and technology industries got together and decided to launch Jokerz Media.  Our mission was to build the best joke site ever.  One with more jokes and better jokes.  But it also needed a great user experience, both on computers and on mobile phones.

But before we got started building it, we knew that a joke site is only as good as the jokes on it, so we went out and talked to a bunch of comedy writers to understand what they would like from a joke site dedicated to the art of joke writing.  How could we help them move forward in their careers?  And to help them financially, we went out an licensed a bunch of jokes to help us get started building an audience.

But, building a modern website takes a lot of technology.  So, we hired a bunch of amazing web designers and developers and started building the actual front-end website.   Meanwhile, since one of our founders has a background in artificial intelligence and humor theory, we started building the best joke recommendation engine ever!   We wanted something that tries to actually learn each user’s unique sense of humor.  After all, if its too difficult to find a great joke, what use is a website with tens of thousands of jokes and hundreds of joke categories?  Next, we wanted to make sure the jokes we licensed were easy to read and categorized appropriately, so we went out and hired a bunch of starving college kids and retirees to serve as professional joke curators.  And we sent them to the proverbially salt mines with a challenge to curate over 10,000 jokes in six months.

All the hard work came together in in late January of 2014, with the launch of the first version of  But right after launch, we immediately noticed we could add lots of great features like easy mailing of jokes, mobile web application capabilities, and more, so we just kept on releasing new versions every couple weeks and low and behold, the gods of Google liked what they saw and we started seeing traffic.

But with traffic, comes bug reports, feedback, and ideas!  And one of the ideas we got from our audience was that they wanted to learn more about the art of joke writing.  And we are the first to admit, that writing a great joke is first and foremost an art (with a little science sprinkled in).  So we decided to launch this blog, where our founders, our writers, our curators, and some esteemed experts could share their thoughts on the art and science of joke writing.

So keep giving us your feedback.  Tell us how to make our websites better.  Tell us how we can help you in your joke writing endeavors.  But most of all, tell us how we can bring more laughs to the world!

While you do that, it’s back to the joke mines for us :-)

- The Jokerz Media Team

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